Effect of drying temperature on antioxidant properties in storage and colour change of ladies finger seed powder

Author(s): SohiniRay,UtpalRaychaudhuri,RunuChakraborty

The study was carried out in order to check for the influence of drying parameters on the phenolics, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, total antioxidant activity and colour of ladies finger seed (okra). To investigate its health benefit, antioxidant activities after hot air oven drying (60°C) and freeze drying (-40°C) were determined. Studies were done by different methods. It was found that the antioxidant activities, total phenolics, flavonoid content and ascorbic acid increased in dried samples during storage, but in fresh samples antioxidative compounds decreased during storage. In the analysis ofDPPHscavenging activity freeze dried ladies finger seed exhibited highest activity among fresh, oven dried and freeze dried samples. L value is lowest in oven dried samples and highest in freeze dried samples. Hue angle and chroma are found to be highest in freeze dried samples.

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