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Effect of different clarifying agents on the sensory and Rheological properties of grape juice concentrate.

Author(s): Masoome Hatamikia, Ali Mohamadi Sani, Shahin Zomorodi

Grape juice concentrate (GJC) is a traditional product of grape-harvesting areas of Iran which is generally produced from the year-end harvest of poor quality. In order to examine the effect of different clarifyingmaterials on the quality of GJC, a planwas executed using factorial statisticalmethod with completely randomized design. The first factor was type of clarifiers in six levels, comprising grape juice concentrate soil (GJCS), bentonit, silicasol, gelatin-bentonit, gelatin-silicasol, gelatin-bentonit-silicasol; and the second factor was the quantity of clarifiers at three levels with three replicate. Results of statistical analysis showed that treatment of GJC using clarifying agent containing gelatin, bentonit and silicasol resulted to the lowest viscosity (223.6 cp) vs. to the bentonit-silicasol complex which led to the highest viscosity (257.3 cp). Sensory evaluation analysis showed that samples treated with clarifying agents containing 5% GJCS; 6% bentonit; 2% gelatin-6% bentonit -5% silicasol gained higher scores than the others and sample treated using 3% GJCS gained the lowest score.

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