Effect of 7-fluoro (a) and 5-amino/floro (b) substituents on inhibition efficiency of quinoline carboxylic acid for the corrosion of zinc in 0.01m H2SO4 medium

Author(s): N.O.Eddy*, A.O.Odiongenyi

Effect of 7-Flouro and %-amino groups on inhibition of the corrosion of zinc by quinoline carboxylic acid has been studied. Both compounds are found to inhibit the corrosion of zinc in 0.01MH2SO4. Inhibition efficiency of the two compounds is found to increase with temperature and decreases with concentrations. Values of thermodynamics parameters calculated for both inhibitors were comparable. However, values of inhibition efficiency of flouro substituted carboxylic acid were higher than values obtained for amino/flouro substituted carboxylic acid.

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