Dynamics of molecular clusters in biomatrix and starch of wheat grain during the ripening process

Author(s): Kristina Zubow, Anatolij Zubow, Viktor Anatolievich Zubow

Gravitation mass spectroscopy was used to investigate how the long-range order (LRO) in biomatrix and starch ofwheat grain (kindB,NorthGermany) change during ripening. A strong change of the molecular cluster (domain) ensembles in the biomatrix was concluded to take place at the time of fast grain growth. The changing dynamics of the water cluster ensembles containing from 12 to 1889 molecules in a young biomatrix was given. The micellar structure in the biomatrix, in which the polysaccharide synthesis proceeds, shall be modelled. The molecular mass cluster distributions in different starch types of a different grain ripe degree were analyzed. LRO of molecular cluster ensembles up to 3.2 million Dalton and up to 4 billion Dalton was concluded to be differently for different starch types. The dynamics of the reverse cluster destruction in the temperature interval from 298 to 523 K was shown. The melting enthalpies for the simplest starch clusters, which build micellar and super-micellar structures in LRO were calculated. Starch types were found to be highly sensitive against heating (selective influence on LRO) and mechanical (up to 516 Pa) influences. Depending on the wheat ripening stage the starch types are different in the polymerization degree in the amylopectin branches furthermore, they are different at the LROlevel in granula.

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