Drug Release Studies of an Antithyroidian from Synthesized and Characterised Monomer and Copolymers Carriers in Gastric and Intestinal Media

Author(s): Chirani Soumia, Chafi Nafa and Mesli Abederrezzak

Many researchers have reported clinical and laboratory parameters for prediction of remission in grave’s disease during or after antithyroid drug therapy, there is no reliable one to assure the complete remission. However, in this current study, we were interested by one antithyroidian agent: 2-Aminothiazole in order to prepare controlled release formulations from this antithyroidian active agent. The release carriers are: one synthesized monomer; by the condensation of 2-Aminothiazole with (m.p.)- vinylbenzaldehyde; and its copolymers with N,N-dimethylacrylamide to get hydrosoluble systems. In these delivery systems, the active agent is spaced out from copolymer chain by phenyl group. The drug releases from these formulations were been studied in vitro and the late effect was measured in terms of the decrease of drug released percent as function of time obeying to diffusional kinetics.

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