Dipraseodymium trisulfate in water-tetrahydrofuran mixtures - New insights into the ionic and solvent structure - Part I

Author(s): Franco M.Francisca*, Marcos A.Montoro, Pablo M.Nieva, Alfred Huber

Extensive studies have beenmade upon the physical and chemical properties of dipraseodymium trisulphate in water and mixtures of water and tetrahydrofurane for a givenmolar fraction. The purpose of the paper covers two intensions: Firstly we collect new data of the behaviour of the rare earth salt praseodymium sulphate and secondly, the experimental values are suitable to prove a new theoretical model derived by the author[1]. Viscosity and surface tensionmeasurements admit to study the environment near the central ion in relation with the equation of Jones and Dole. Moreover, the molar excess volume could derive by pure density measurements.

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