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Dimensions of Food Safety of Processed Foods

Author(s): Manjeet Aggarwal

Food Safety has become the most critical criteria for global food trade. Instead of Food Quality, Food Safe for Human Consumption, Food Safety, Food Safety Risks etc. are some of the common terms used especially for processed foods. In spite of the fact that importing countries mostly from developed world have no other option but to buy from outside, it still remains as a buyersâ?? market rather than sellers.â?? Exporting countries of food, mostly developing world compete with each other to capture market. CODEX is one such organisation dedicated to ensure food safety aspects of consignments. What is strange is the fact that in the name of safety, developed countries fix the limits of residues so low that it is tough to meet. Developing Countries often complain against it terming it as trade-barrier practices. In order to deal with such contagious issues, WTO is established. Any dispute of quality and safety is referred to WTO. Whether the limits for residue contaminants in food are fixed scientifically, it is checked to decide on disputes. For fixing limits of residues various aspects are needed to be studies. Toxicological dossier as well as Chemical dossier of each of the contaminants is prepared to fix limits. Here, it must also be mentioned that detection limits of modern instruments is another important point to be taken into account in this matter. All the above aspects are covered in this presentation for the benefit of stake holders of food especially the food processing industries. This paper will be a comprehensive document about dimensions of food safety which covers all above mentioned areas of concern for all including consumers.

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