Dietary quality of some green leafy vegetables grown in Osun state, Nigeria

Author(s): Ajewole Kola, F.A.Akanfe, A.A.Taleat Tella

The quality of some green vegetables grown in certain parts of Osun State ofNigeria,were analyzed to determine their nutritive qualities and the heavy metals present in the edible parts; the leaves and stems. The following range results inmg/g dryweight were obtained. Na 0.55-0.79, K 0.45-0.89 Ca 0.39-0.81,Mg 0.61-0.94, Zn 0.08-0.28,Mn 0.06-0.13, P 0.12-0.22 and Fe 0.14-0.86,while that of the heavymetals are;Co: 0.03-0.07,Cd:ND-0.02, Pb: 0.076 and Cr: ND -0.03. The values were subjected to statistical analysis, Univariate analysis of variance (ANOVA). The differences in values of the proximate analysis and two of the nutritive elements Mg and P among the vegetables fromdifferent locations showed no significant difference while the differences in values of other nutritivemetals and heavymetals analysed showed significant difference among different vegetables from different locations across the state.

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