Dielectric and excess dielectric constants of acetonitrile + hexane, + heptane and + cyclohexane AT 303, 313 and 323 K

Author(s): Ch.V.V.Ramana, G.Ramachandra Reddy, M.Mohan Reddy, K.Malakondaiah*, S.V.Naidu

The dielectric constants and excess dielectric constants of the binary systems: acetonitrile+hexane, +heptane and +cyclohexane have been studied at 303, 313, and 323Ktemperatures and over the completemole fraction range. The dielectric constants for these mixtures are measured using a microcontroller based system. The results are negative over entire range of composition. Symmetrical curves are almost observed for all the systems in which the maximum approximately occurs at 0.5mole fraction of acetonitrile. The results are discussed in terms of intermolecular interactions.

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