Development Of Fingerprinting Method For Traditional Ayurvedic Formulation Arjunaristha By Gas Liquid Chromatography

Author(s): Karunakar Shukla, Swarnlata Saraf, S.Saraf

Arjunaristha is a well known Ayurvedic formulation described in classical Ayurvedic text Charak-Samhita, Bhaisajyaratnawali and ayurvedic formulary of India. It is a potent ayurvedic medicine containing selfgenerated alcohol used for heart and lung diseases. In present research study Gas liquid Chromatographic fingerprinting method has been developed that is simple, rapid, precise and accurate for fingerprinting of laboratory and marketed preparation of Arjunaristha using flame ionization detector. The separation was performed employing Carbowax 20 M4mm stainless steel packed column using nitrogen as a carrier gas at optimized conditions. The column was maintained at 900, while injection port and detector were maintained at 1700. The system suitability parameters were studied throughout the study. The developed fingerprinting method has been applied successfully for marketed formulations also, found reproducible and repeatable. It also serves as a tool for assay of self-generated alcohol content in Arjunaristha. The recovery values were found to be 99.72% with RSD values less then 0.353%. The proposed fingerprinting method can be used for routine quality control method for laboratory as well as for marketed Ayurvedic formulation Arjunaristha.

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