Determination Of Stability Constants For The Formation Of Some Azo Dyes From The Reaction Of Phenolic Aldoximes And Diazotized Sulfanilic Acid Salt

Author(s): A.S.P.Azzouz*, A.N.Obed Agha

This investigation mainly deals with the evaluation of stability constants(K) values of some stable azo dyes formed by the reaction of syn oximes such as 2-hydroxy benzaldoxime, 2,4-dihydroxy benzaldoxime and 2-hydroxy-1- naphthaldoxime with diazotized sulfanilic acid salt. Aspectrophotometric method is used for the determination of stability constant value for each dye, which proves that the dye has stoichiometry of 1:1, under optimal conditions. Finally, all the results obtained have been supported with suitable references, graphs whenever required.

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