Density and comparative refractive index study on mixing properties of binary liquid mixtures of oleic acid and alcohols

Author(s): Sangita Sharma*, Rignesh S.Patel, Pragnesh B.Patel, Madhurjya Neog, J.J.Vora

Density and refractive index have been determined for binary liquid mixture of oleic acid with alcohols like methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, n-butanol and iso-butanol at 303.15K, 308.15K and 313.15K. For comparative nine relations Lorentz -Lorenz (L-L),Weiner (W), Heller (H), Gladstone- Dale (G-D),Arago-Biot (A-B), Eykman (Eyk),Newton (Nw), Eyring-John (EJ), Oster (Os) has been used for determining the refractive index of different liquidmixtures. Fromthe experimentallymeasured values, refractive index deviation at different temperatures have been computed and fitted to the Redlich- Kister polynominal equation to derive the binary coefficient and standard deviation. Comparison of various mixing rules has been expressed in term of average percentage deviation. All nine theoreticalmixing rules performedwellwithin the experimental error.Weiner equation has proved to be better then other relation. nE values are positive overwhale concentration range in case of all binarymixture indicative for weak interaction between unlike molecule leading to increase inmolar polarization.

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