Curcumin And Propolis, Can We Use For Cancer Therapy?

Author(s): ─░brahim Demirta┼?

The phytotherapy products such as turmeric and bee products (honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly) that have been used in traditional and complementary medicine for centuries and are the source of healing in the treatment of many diseases. Although there are thousands of studies on these products, there are still deficiencies in scientific studies and the reliability of existing products is questioned due to deficiencies caused by formulations. In particular, there are many insufficiency related to standardizations, usage methods and areas the issues to be considered in the use of such products will be presented in this study. The results obtained in the works carried out according to the demands of the companies and the scope of the products sold within the scope of a wide range of health sectors such as inflammatory conditions, immune systems and especially oncology will be compared in terms of content of curcumin and propolis. Since the strict inspection and standardization available in the drugs are not present in food supplement products, uncertainties in the products to be offered or prescribed by the Traditional and Complementary Medical Doctors are the main problems. Within the framework of the studies, the piperine contained in black pepper was purified in order to inhibit the enzyme in the liver, which was the biggest obstacle in curcumin isolated from turmeric and pass through the blood. Then, it was determined the curcumin level into the blood using the ratio of piperine to the mixing of curcumin. Although the surfactants used in existing imported products (polysorbate 80, polysorbate 20 etc.) have different toxic effects, the active ingredients used in each capsule 10 times less than the surfactants are not taken into account, although the efficacy of the active ingredients is taken into account. In the present study, natural oils (olive oil, black seed oil and coconut oil) were used as surfactants and compaired eachother. In addition to the sensitivity shown to the active ingredients of the food supplement or drugs used in children, the carriers with toxic effects will be explained by the examples which are not taken into consideration sufficiently and the details that need to be considered scientifically will be presented. In vitro studies of cell cultures will be presented. Furthermore, the fact that we do not use hundreds of natural resources that the countries imports but which can be can produced without the need of foreign sources, supporting farmers. Initiatives made in this regard, the joint studies that have been done with medical scools, Traditional and Complementary Medicinal Doctors, farmers and basic sciences such as biology, chemistry will be presented in detail.
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