Corrosion prevention in concrete and strength characteristics in admixture concrete

Author(s): P.R.Karthik, S.Dinesh, M.Subramanian, M.Asha, T.Sathanadham, R.Gobinath

Corrosion of reinforcement in concrete is one of the main causes of structural deterioration, The aim of our work was to develop corrosion preventions systems for reinforced concrete structures by using admixtures. This study indicates the applicability of those compounds for steel corrosion preventions in reinforced concrete structures. Various techniques for including accelerated corrosion of steel in concrete are used by the researchers. In this paper, an experimental studies dealing with a strength characteristics in admixture concrete using super plasticizers (SP), viscositymodifying agents (VMA) at the dosage of 2%, 4% and 6% by weight of water. Corrosion of steel in concrete is a slow process due to the protective nature of concrete. It takes a reasonably long time for this process of rebar corrosion in a limited duration available for performing tests studies are, The effect of mineral admixture in reducing reinforcement corrosion, Test behavior of for compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength of self compacting concrete. The effectiveness of the applied current in inducing reinforcement corrosion and some of the alternative techniques for inducing accelerated corrosion of the steel in concrete are also described in the paper.

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