Corrosion of Reinforcement of the Self-Compacting Concrete obtained from Rice Husk Ash and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Author(s): W. Aperador, J. Carrillo and J. W. Aperador

Electrochemical evaluations of self-compacting concrete were performed using the following criteria: cost of materials and construction, durability, and good environmental behavior and therefore, substantial amounts of additives were used, such as minerals obtained from rice husk ash (RHA) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS). In the first stage, it is necessary to make a design of selfcompacting concrete using the materials described above to fulfill this purpose, which will assess the effect of the incorporation of such industrial wastes in the mechanical properties and durability against corrosive phenomena such as the inclusion of carbon dioxide and chloride ion in concrete. Using techniques Corrosion potential and linear polarization resistance were evaluated additionally corrosion products by Mossbauer spectroscopy technique. It was found that the addition of silica mixture derived from the burning of rice husk ash has a protective effect against corrosion phenomena, when incorporated up to 15% in the steel slag.

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