Corrosion behavior of reinforced steel in presence of mineral and chemical admixtures in HCl, H2SO4 media

Author(s): N.S.Tantawi, O.S.Shehata*, I.Z.Selim

The effect of 5% Rice Husk Ash (RHA) as a mineral admixture on the corrosion behavior of reinforced steel in presence of different concentrations of chemical admixtures as lignosulphonate and superplacticizer has been studied, in HCl, H2SO4 acid media using Impressed CurrentMethod, Impressed VoltageMethod and Potentiostatic PolarizationMethod. It was found that, the samples which contain 5 % RHA in presence of chemical admixtures are more resistant to the corrosive media than that containing chemical admixtures only. This is due to the large surface area of RHA which decrease the permeability of the samples.

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