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Copolymers of Bipyridinium and Metal (Zn & Ni) Porphyrin Derivatives

Author(s): Carita Meltola

In the presence of 4,4?-bipyridine (4,4?-bpy) as a bridge nucleophile, this study describes the electropolymerization of new keto functionalized octaethyl metal porphyrins (Zn2+and Ni2+). Electrochemical, spectroscopic (UV-Vis, XPS, FT-IR, and Raman spectroscopy), and imaging (AFM and SEM) techniques were used to characterise the polymer films. The presence of porphyrin and 4,4?-bipyridine units in the film is confirmed by the absorption and electronic spectra. The surface morphology shows homogenous coating deposition with roughness values of about 8 nm on average. Theoretical investigations were conducted to learn more about how different metal centres (Zn2+and Ni2+) interact with the porphyrin unit's keto functionality in the creation of copolymer films. The electrochemical interaction of polymer films with CO2 shows that CO2 is trapped and released in a reversible manner with low energy barriers for both polymers.
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