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Contribution for the Physical-Chemical Characterization of Portuguese Crowberry (Corema album).

Author(s): Sonia C Andrade, Fernando Gon??žalves and Raquel PF Guine

The present work was undertaken to study some physic-chemical characteristics of Portuguese crowberry, namely: sizeable properties (dimension and weigh), chemical components (water, crude fiber, total and reducing sugars, total soluble solids and acidity), and finally physical characteristics (color and texture). The determination of the chemical components followed standard procedures, for color a colorimeter was used and texture was evaluated by a texturometer. The results obtained indicated that the Portuguese crowberries showed a mean diameter of about 9 mm, and a mass of ~0.7 g. Relating to the chemical analyses, the moisture content was 88% (expressed in fresh weight), the crude fiber was 37% (dry basis), the total and reducing sugars were 63% and 41% (dry basis), respectively. The total soluble solids were ~6 ºBrix and total acidity was 11% (expressed in citric acid). Hence, the work undertaken permitted concluding that the white crowberries at study constitute an important source of fibers and sugars.

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