Conductance and solvation behaviour of sulfacetamide sodium in water-dimethyl sulfoxide mixtures at different temperatures

Author(s): J.Ishwara Bhat*, M.Kishore Shetty

The ion solvation behaviour of Sulfacetamide sodium in water and effect of dielectric constant on it by varying the compositions (v/v) of water + DMSOmixtures in the range of 283 to 313 K, using electrical conductivity principle have been studied. Kraus-Bray and Shedlovsky models of conductivity were used for analyzing conductance data. The limiting molar conductance ( 0 m ë ), Association constant Ka, Energy of activation of the rate process (Ea), and related thermodynamic parameters has been determined. Using viscosity of the solvent,Walden product 0 ï ë m ç and Stoke’ss molecular radius have been determined. Standard thermodynamic parameters of association (ÄGA, ÄHA, ÄSA) were calculated and discussed. The results show the decrease in limiting molar conductance with decrease in dielectric constant and the Ka was found to increase. These computed values have been used to discuss the solvation behaviour of Sulfacetamide sodiuminwater + DMSO.

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