Complexation and thermodynamic studies of polysiloxane iminobis (N-diethylenediamineacetamide) ligand system with some transition metal ions

Author(s): Nizam M.El-Ashgar*, Zeyad J.Yasseen

Complexation and thermodynamic studies of insoluble porous solid polysiloxane immobilized ligand systembearing chelating ligand group of the general formula P-(CH2)3-N[CH2CONH(CH2)2NH(CH2)2NH2]2, (Where P represents [Si-O]n polysiloxane network) were studied. TheBatch equilibration method has been performed to calculate the distribution coefficient (KD) and the thermodynamic parameters (G , H , and TS) for the stoichiometric 1:1 complexation of Co2+, Ni2+, and Cu2+ ions with iminobis(diethylenediamineacetamide) polysiloxane. The complexation behavior at pH 5 in aqueous media is discussed from the thermodynamic point of view.

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