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Comparison investigation of essential oils in tea (Camellia sinensis L.var. sinensis) clones

Author(s): Akbar Norastehnia, Maryam Ghorbani

Periodic seasonal variations in quality of Iranian tea over various growth flushes are reported. To characterize tea flavor, volatile components two clones of tea (Camellia sinensis L. var. sinensis) were isolated by hydrodistillation through a Clevenger system, and analyzed by GC-MS.Atotal 79 compounds were tentatively identified in tea clones by matching mass spectra and Kovats Index with the literature data. Flavor profile analysis revealed qualitative seasonal variations in aroma complex. Linalool and geraniol recorded maximumcontent during spring harvest and continuing decrease with progress in season, showing a minimum during summer harvest and minor improvement through autumn harvest in some cases. Results suggest increasing crop productivity during spring and fall harvests could enhance profitability.

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