Comparative Study of Biosurfactant by Using Bacillus Licheniformis and Trichoderma Viride From Paper Waste Contaminated Soil

Author(s): N. Uma Maheswari and L. Firthows Parveen

This study deals with the production of biosurfactant producing organisms, which were isolated from paper waste contaminated soil from the paper industry at Boothalore, Thanjavur (Dt), Tamilnadu. From that sample, organisms were isolated by serial dilution agar plating method. The colonies were identified as Bacillus licheniformis and Trichoderma viride by morphological and biochemical characteristics. Biosurfactant producing organisms were scanned by using oil spreading technique and blood haemolysis test. Organisms were inoculated into the Mineral salt broth with diesel, petrol, kerosene and vegetable oil as a carbon source for biosurfactant production. Biosurfactant was extracted by acid precipitation method. Biosurfactant was analyzed by using different pH, temperature, carbon and nitrogen sources. Emulsification activity of biosurfactant was analyzed. The extracted biosurfactant was characterized by using thin layer chromatography. This study concludes that production of biosurfactants using the isolated organisms is the simplest and cheapest method for the surfactant production.

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