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Comparative Study of Aromatase Activity Level in Male Patients with Active Acromegaly

Author(s): Iqbal Hanash Dhefer, Salma Abdul-Rudha Abass, Najwa Shihab Ahmed and Baydaa Ahmed Abed

Aromatase activity in the acromegaly is a critical marker of decided sexual behavior. There is a confirmation demonstrated that aromatase activity is associated with testosterone and estradiol levels. The goal was to explore the relationship between GH, IGF-1, testosterone, estradiol and aromatase activity in patients with active acromegaly. In this study sixty males (age 20-60) years were enrolled. Serum of testosterone, estradiol, GH, IGF-1 and aromatase activity measured in both groups. The results revealed that mean of serum aromatase activity and estradiol levels were significant differences decrease in active acromegaly when compare with the control group and aromatase activity important correlate with IGF-1 and estradiol necessary correlate with GH/ IGF-1 and T/E2. While GH, IGF-1-1, GH/ IGF-1, testosterone and T/E2 were significant differences increase in active acromegaly when compare with the control group and GH was necessary to correlate with GH/IGF-1 in patients group.

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