Comparative studies on antimicrobial activities of garlic (Alliumsativu), onion (Alliumcepa) and lemon (Citrus limon): Individual&combined

Author(s): Ajay Singh, Harish Chandra

The inhibitory effects in vitro of the three plant juice extracts- garlic (Allium sativum), onion (Allium cepa) and lemon, taken singly&in combination, were studied against selected six bacteria (Three gram-negative; E. coli, Kleibsella spp and Proteus spp; & three gram-positive; S. aureus, B. cereus and Micrococcus spp) and four fungi (A. niger, A. terreus, A.japinicus and P. expansum) in which bacteria were found to be more susceptible to the plants juice extract than the fungi. The plants juice extracts showed the higher inhibitory effects against the gram positive bacteria than the gram-negative. Fungi are strongly inhibited by the garlic juice then the lemon juice and almost all fungi could not be inhibited be onion. In comparision to reference antibiotic (Choloroamphenicol) and antifungal agent (Ketacanazole), garlic and lemon showed effective inhibition against the bacteria and fungi respectively.

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