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Comparative Analysis of Chemical Composition of Three Elsholtzia Volatile Oils

Author(s): Sheng L, Linyun M, Mingfeng W, Wei J and Ganpeng L

Objective: Volatiles oils from three Elsholtzia plants (E. capituligera C.Y.Wu, E. fruticosa (D.Don) Rehd. and E. bodinieri Vaniot) were extracted by simultaneous distillation extraction device (SDE). Their volatile compounds were isolated and characterized by GC-MS, in order to provide a theoretical basis for its further development and utilization.

Methods: Under the same conditions, the main volatile compounds were identified by WILEY and NIST and the relative percentage of volatile oil were determined by using the normalization method.

Results: The main volatile compounds for each species were Eucalyptol (Relative content: 31.55%), (-)-Verbenone (Relative content: 25.36%) and 2, 5-dimethyl-2-Isopropenyl-1-cyclohexanone (Relative content:12.26%) in Elsholtzia capituligera C.Y.Wu; 2, 5-dimethyl-2-Isopropenyl-1-cyclohexanone (Relative content: 60.78%) and (-)-Verbenone (Relative content: 19.78%) in Elsholtzia Fruticosa (D.Don) Rehd; Eucalyptol (Relative content: 55.08%) and Terpinyl acetate (Relative content: 5.64%) in Elsholtzia bodinieri Vaniot.

Conclusion: Comparing of volatile compounds of these three samples showed that the volatiles oil of these genus plants have some differences, the reason might be determined by genotype. This study not only provides a lot of valuable experimental data, but also greatly promoted the volatiles oil research for other researchers.

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