Collection, morphological characterization and nutrient profile of some wild mushrooms from Akoko, Ondo state, Nigeria

Author(s): Segun Gbolagade Jonathan, Olusegun Richard Adeoyo

A total number of twenty-six different wild mushrooms namely Agaricus blazei, Agaricus sp, Coprinus africanus, Corilopsis occidentalis, Coriolus vesicolor, Cymatoderma elegans, Daedalea sp, Daldinia concentrica, Filoboletus gracilis, Fomes sp, Fomes noxius, Lactarius hygrophoroides, Panus sp, Marasmius arborescens, Marasmius zenkeri, Panus fulvus, Microporus xanthopus, Nothopanus hygrophanus, Polyporus sp, Polyporus dermoporus, Schizophyllum sp, Termitomyces clypeatus, Termitomyces globulus, Pleurotus tuber-regium, Pogonomyces hydnoides and Podoscypha bollena were collected fromtypical tropical rain forests in Akoko area of Ondo state, Nigeria. Akoko land is an area, located in between 7º00’N and 8º00’N latitude and 5º30’E and 6º15’E longitude with a wide range of ecosystems and species diversity. The criteria used in the identificationwere habitat,morphological and physical characteristics such as spore morphology, cap type, presence of veil, gills, presence of volva, sizes of mushroom and colour of the sporophores Agaricus sp contained the highest crude protein (37.09%) followed in order by Termitomyces globulus (31.77%), Termitomyces clypeatus (19.82%) and Pleurotus tuberregiun (12.14%). Other food materials found in significant quantities in these mushroom are ethanol soluble sugars and mineral elements such as Ca, K, P,Mg and Fe (P<0.05). The significance of these observations were discussed.

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