Chemical Composition Of The Essential Oil Of Heracleum Persicum Seeds Of Iran

Author(s): Avat(Arman)Taherpour, Ramin Karimzadeh

The volatile chemical constituents of the essential oil of Heracleum Persicum seeds, that is growing wild in Ardebile-Iran were investigated by GC and GC/MS technique. Twenty-nine compounds, representing 75% of the total oil were identified and 12 unknown compounds detected. The main components were: hexylbutyrate(37.7%), hexylbutanoate(36.7%), octylacetate(16.3%), hexyl-2-methylbutanoate(5.7%), hexylisobutyrate (4.7%), hexylhexanoate(4.3%), heptyl-2-methyl-butyrate(2.3%), n-butylbutanoate( 2.25%), hexylvalerate(1.9), octyl-butanoate(1.7%) and linalole (1.5%).

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