Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of the essential oil of Stachys yemenensis Hedge: Endemic in Yemen

Author(s): Amina Al-Shaibani, Martina Wurster, Mehdi A.Alhaj, Al-Husein M.R.Al-Othman, Ulrike Lindequist

The essential oil from leaves of Stachys yemenensis Hedge endemic to Yemen (Lamiaceae), was analysed by using GC-MS. Twelve components showed represented 99.3%of the total oil. Themajor components of the oil were á- phellandrene (34.7%), â-phellandrene (11.2%), limonene (10.8%), elemol (8.5%), á-eudesmol (8.4%), bicyclogermacrene (6.4%), p-cymene (5.4%), spathulenol (3.4%), myrcene (3.2%), â-eudesmol (3.1%), and ä- cadinene (2.7%). The antioxidant activity of the oil was investigated by DPPHmethod and showed antiradical effect,with IC50 value of 1.12mg/ml.

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