Chemical And Pesticidal Studies On Acorus Calamus Rhizomes

Author(s): Md.Robiul Islam, A.B.M.Hamidul Haque, M.S.Zaman, M.P.I.Bhuian, M.S.Hossain, B.M.Rahman

2,4,5-trimethoxy banzaldehyde was isolated from the petroleum ether extract of Acorus calamus. The structure of the compound was confirmed by chemical and spectroscopic techniques including high resolution 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, H-H Cosy and HMBC. Based on toxicity data on percentage mortality and corrected mortality due to the effect of Acorus calamus rhizome extract with petroleum ether, acetone and methanol against the adults of Tribolium confusum(flour beetle) and Sitophilus oryzae (Rice weevil), it was observed that petroleum ether extract of the rhizome was more toxic than that of other extracts in the insect species. From the repellency class it was observed that the pet ether extract was more effective to Tribolium castaneum than Tribolium confusum.

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