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Butyl acetate solubility in unsatured solutions of glucose, sucrose and fructose at low temperatures

Author(s): Flavio C.Silva, Maria A.Barros, Moilton R.Franco Jr.

Interactions between water and flavour molecules have been widely studied and are characterized by the hydrophobicity and volatility. The influence of different types of sugar should be known in case of they are part fromthematerial. Flavour release fromcomplex foodmatrices is difficult to predict and solubility data would be helpful. Thus, interactions between flavour molecules and other compounds are often investigated in binary and ternarymodel systems (e.g., water, flavour compounds, carbohydrates) to characterize specific release mechanisms. In this paper, the solubility of butyl acetate from pure water and various low-viscosity aqueous solutions (D-Sucrose, D-Glucose, D-Fructose), at 10-30 gL-1, was investigated. Static isothermal method was used and concentrations of the aroma or flavour compound at thermodynamic equilibrium were monitored by analyzing liquid samples using gaseous chromatography. Experiments were carried out at temperature range of 278.2 - 298.2 K. Flavour solubility frommixtures decreased with increasing temperature and decreased with molecular superficial area of the sugar compound. The flavour compound was retained more extensively in the presence of glucose agent, compared to in pure water, while an increase in the solubility was observed in presence of sucrose and fructose. All aqueous solutions had similar behavior as sugar concentration was increased, although it was expected that sugar molecular weight tended to have influences in the equilibriumconcentration.Acorrelation between temperature or sugar concentration and butyl acetate solubility in the low-viscosity solutions was evident.

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