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Bioelectricity from bacterial isolates of computer key boards and mice

Author(s): H.C.Sachidananda Swamy, K.S.Shobha*, Amrutha, Murugesh

In this study electricity generation was evaluated in a simple set up of two electrodes, immersed with cell suspensions of Micrococcus and Enterococcus spp isolated fromcomputer key boards andMice,with copper and Zinc electrodes. Fresh broth cultures of bacterial isolates grown in nutrient media and cells were concentrated by centrifugation. These cells were suspended in sterile water and subjected for assay. All the isolates showed positive result for current production which was measured using Voltmeter of 500milli volts capacity. The amount of current generated by all the six isolates ranged between 0.49 -0.91milli volts. The stability in current production (0.60) was observed up to three days in isolate K4(Enterococcus sp) whereas the Isolate M 10 (Micrococcus sp) showed increase in current production from 0.53- 0.64 milli volts, and decreased production was observed in remaining isolates. Further studies on factors influencing current production like size, type of electrodes used, and concentration of substrates used and length of incubation by these isolates are under progress.

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