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Attributes of Different Water: A New Perspective

Author(s): Bidwai V*, Chawardol V, and Bodade D

People are today very much concerned about the food they eat, the amount of vitamins and minerals they consume. Water is part of environment i.e panchamahabhuta which constitutes the human body. But little emphasis is placed in quality of water in Ayurvedic classics, while dealing with Jala-varga. Acharyas have distinctly mentioned properties of water with various sources, seasonal variations in property, properties of water according to receptacle, method of storage of water, cause of water pollution, methods of purification, methods of cooling, attributes of potable water, warm water, cold water etc. Water is one of the most precious substances on earth. It covers over 70% of the earth's surface and is very important resource to people and the environment. It has been observed that due to industrialization and urbanization our water sources are getting contaminated, resulting severe environmental hazards and it directly affect the human health.

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