Asport drink extracted from Mondia whitei roots: Impact on endurance performance

Author(s): Pascale Mibo’o1,2, Anatole Constant Pieme, Andre Landry Fouda Omgba Nsi, Macias Nwanga Dinga Dohbobga, Robert Germain Beka, Emmanuel Nso, Carl Moses Fontang Mbofung, Jeanne Yonkeu Ngogang

The objective was to make a drink from the roots of Mondia whitei similar to the standard required for sport drink. Physico chemical. The root barks were extracted with deionised water during 24 hours. Dried powder was obtained after one week of incubation at 45 °C in an oven. Physicochemical studies were done using standard methods. Twenty height g of the paste obtained was dissolved in 1l of deionised water and adjusted with carbohydrate and salt in strict respect of the international norms for obtaining the test drink.Acute, sub-acute toxicity and the ergogenic property of the test drink were performed to the rats using standard methods. The results showed that the drink contained: 97.53 % of water; 4.04 ±0.6 g/dL of carbohydrate; 80.5 ± 0.21 mg/dl of sodium and has a caloric value of 29.30 ± 0, 21 Kcal/dL. Sub acute toxicity showed that, the Lethal Dose (LD) 50 of the dry mass was above 5000 mg/Kg. The endurance performance of the rats tested was higher than that of the control groups after 08 weeks of consumption of the test drink. These results suggest that this drink is ergogenic and not toxic.

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