Artificial drying of newly harvested Turkish hazelnuts

Author(s): Murat Çetin, Ali Eriºen

This study was to investigate the impact of artificial drying on the quality of Turkish hazelnuts by using a horizontal cylindrical type dryer. The hazelnut samples were dried in agitated heated air with a swirl flowin contrast to the conventional drying method. Drying characteristics of the hazelnuts were described as being in the range of 40-55 oC air temperature with constant of dry air velocity 1.0 m/s. Specifying the artificial drying conditions for freshly reaped hazelnut, which has an initial high moisture content ratio, and experimentally researching the effects of drying conditions for hazelnuts were the main objectives of the study. The optimum conditions for drying fresh hazelnuts in an artificial dryer were determined as having maximum moisture content (5-6%) to facilitate long-term storage. The results showed that a normal drying time followed by hot air drying with the shortest drying time to be measured as a 10.5 hours.

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