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Aquatic, semi-aquatic medicinal plants used as food and remedy in Iran

Author(s): Mohammadbagher Rezaee

 Today inexhaustible common assets assume a significant job in various parts of life. Iran is a huge nation and has various sorts of atmosphere: gentle and very wet on the shoreline of the Caspian Sea, mainland and bone-dry in the level, cold in high mountains, desert and hot in the southern coast and in the southeast. A lot of Iran is secured by high levels and mountain ranges. Iranian organic researchers have distinguished almost 10,000 plants species at this point, roughly 1000 of which are restorative and sweet-smelling plants. In this introduction, we will present a portion of the Iranian spices, for example Anethum graveolens, Mentha piperita, and Carum carvi. The plant tests were gathered from various environmental zoons, recognized and researched for their ethno-pharmaceutical employments. These plants contain phenolic and cell reinforcement mixes, uniquely used to treat gastrointestinal issues. Most of restorative or amphibian plants including green growth, gliding, and lowered, minor and rose plants adjust to live in shallow waterfront zones, wetlands, land lakes, lakes and seas. The term green growth incorporates more than 3, 50,000 species. Ocean growth is green, red andbrown green growth. Extraction and phytochemistry concentrating of red green growth and restorative plants could give solid nourishment to the general public. We developed red green growth in Persian Gulf in enormous scope as human and creature food. Extraction and examined measure of agar-agar, nutrient and minerals in red green growth down. Then again, they can be utilized in aquaculture and organic treatment. Pharmacological investigations on the helpful impacts of the indigenous plants referenced in this examination are essential.

Oceanic biological systems are significant one which give vocations to the a huge number of individuals who live around them .Man depends lakes for a large portion of his needs like fishing, horticulture, water system, and other residential purposes. Lakes are assuming a generally excellent job in downpour collecting, stockpiling of water and guideline of ground water level. So as to keep up the ground water level we should monitor lakes and lake living space. In prior days amphibian plants are utilized as food, feed, medication and so forth yet with the progression in ways of life the employments of oceanic plants are inescapable and are treated as minor weeds which are making the lakes pointless.

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