Antipyretic activity of ethanolic extract of an Indian based herbal drug-amaranthus spinosus

Author(s): Manisha Mishra, S.Tarunkumar, B.Venkatesan, K.Suriaprabha, A.R.Mullaicharam, P.Muthuprasanna

The claims of folk medicine was enormous were the ailment untreated by allopathic medicines are also been claimed to be cured by our ancient folk medicine. In this experiment a systematic approach has been made to ensure the reliability of antipyretic activity of an herbal- amaranthus spinosus towards proving its efficacy. Various extract viz chloroform, petether, water, ethyl acetate has been prepared using the shade dried leaves and phytopharmaceutical constituent were studied. The ethanolic extract were subjected to antipyretic study to the rabbits having water for injection as the negative control and standard drug-paracetamol as the positive control. The body temperature were elevated using brewers yeast.The rectal temperature were taken as the data towards evaluating the antipyretic activity. The extracts 200 and 400mg/kg were considered as the test samples. The results were promising which showed similar reduction in the elevated body temperature by these extracts to that of standard paracetmol. Thus this extract of the plant could be a suitable candidate for antipyretic activity.

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