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Antiinflammatory and antioxidant activity of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of spilanthes acmella

Author(s): M.VijeyAanandhi, R.Vasuki, P.Shanmugasundaram, R.Sujatha

Spilanthes acmella (Syn.Blainvella acmella) belonging to the family Compositae was extensively used in traditional system of medicine for various ailments like rheumatism, inflammation, stimulant and sialagogue for stammering, tongue paralysis, stomatitis, toothache, throat and gum infections etc. The aqueous (SPA) and ethanolic extracts (SPE) of leaves were screened for its antinflammatory (both acute and chronicmodels) and antioxidant activity (Ferric thiocynate method and Thiobarbituric acid method). SPA and SPE exhibited significant in vitro antioxidant activity by inhibiting the oxidation of linoleic acid in both FTC and TBA methods with SPA having greater activity in TBAmethod and SPE having greater activity in FTC method.SPA and SPE exert their anti-inflammatory activity by retarding lipid peroxidation and causing a modulation in cellular defense antioxidant system.

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