Anti-hyperlipidaemic activity of Ziziphus jujuba mill

Author(s): A.R.Vijay Kumar, Sivakumar, N.Deepa

In the present study, methanolic extract (MEZJ) from Ziziphus jujuba mill leaf powder was evaluated for its hypocholesterolaemic and hypotriglyc-eridaemic activities using Triton WR-1339 induced hyperlipemic rats as experimental model. Hyperlipideamiawas developed by intraperitonial injection of Triton (200mg/kg bodyweight). The animals were divided into Group-I : Animals received 1%CMC, p.oGroup - II: Animals received Atrovastatin 30 mg/kg, p.o Group -III :Animals received MEZJ at 125mg/kg, p.o Group -IV:Animals received MEZJ at 250mg/kg, p.o Group -V:Animals received MEZJ at 500mg/kg, p.oAll the animalswere treated with their respective extracts / drug twice a day orally according to their groups for seven days. On the seventh day all the animals were deprived of food and water at libidum for 18 hours. Triton WR-1339 at the dose of 350 mg / kgwas injected intraperitoneally to all the rats. After the triton injection blood was collected immediately from all the animals through retro orbital puncture technique at various time intervals like 0 hr, 6 hr and 24 hr respectively. Serumwas separated by centrifuging the blood the supernatant was used for the following investigations. Total cholesterol, LDL, Glucose, Triglyceride, Glutathione Nitrite and Glutathione peroxidase (GPx) by standard procedures. The MEZJ treated animals at doses (125, 250, 500mg) showed significant (P<0.05, P<0.01, P<0.001) protection against elevated cholesterol levels when compared to control group of animals. And also a better response over the other parameters mentioned above. Therefore the increased enzyme activities resulting fromthe treatment with MEJZ may prevent the oxidative damage by detoxification reactive oxygen species and inhibiting lipid peroxidation thus reducing hyperlipidemia. Further studies are required to isolate the active principle present in Ziziphus jujuba Mill and evaluate its pharmacological activity, whichmay give a potential hyperlipidemic drug.

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