Anti-fungal activity of various extracts of Rhinacanthus nasutus (l).kurtz

Author(s): N.Deepa, V.Ravichandran

To examine the anti-fungal activities of various extracts of the plant. Rhinacanthus nasutus (l).kurtz.Method: The anti-fungal activitywas studied by tube dilution method using Sabouraud’s DextroseAgar (SDA) mediumand the results comparedwith standard Clotrimazole (125 µg/ml).All the extracts inhibited the growth of various fungi tested in all concentrations, (MIC:125 µg/ml), except for ethyl acetate extract the MIC was 250 µg/ml. The results of all extractswere comparable with that of the standard clotrimazole (125 µg/ml). Conclusion: The plant appears to be a ideal source for the active phyto-constituent responsible for anti-infective property and also for development of new phyto-medicine against various resistant organisms.

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