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Anti-fungal activity of Nardostachys jatamansi essential oil beneficial for treating (dermatophytosis) ringworm

Author(s): Omprakash H.Nautiyal

Nardostachys jatamansi, a critically endangered rhizome-bearingmedicinal plant, is restricted to specialized habitats in high altitudes of the Himalaya. The present study describes the anti-fungal activity of essential oil against an infectious fungi. Jatamansi oil contains (+)-essential oil, resin, sugar, starch, bitter extractive matter, gum, ketone, jatamansone, jatamansic acid, jatamansone semicarbazone, lupeol,malliene, calarene, terpenic coumarin - jatamansin, oroselol, dietheniod bicyclic ketone–nardostachone, sesquiterpene ketone–jatamansone. Author’s forearm was infected with ringworm; a fungal disease caused by dermatophytes a parasitic infection. Half a drop of oil applied daily and the infection was found to cure within one week of regular application.

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