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Anti-dermatophyte activity of methanol and aqueous extracts of Calycopteries floribunda (Roxb.) poiret leaves

Author(s): K.S.Vinayaka, T.R.Prashith Kekuda, Shivakumar Banakar, S.Shravanakumara

The present study was undertaken to investigate the phytoconstituents and antifungal activity of solvent extracts of leaves of C. floribunda. The powdered plant material was subjected to extraction using methanol and water as solvents. The extractswere screened for antifungal activity against human pathogenic dermatophytes namely Microsporium gypsium, Chrysosporium keratinophilum, Chrysosporium indicum and Trichophytum rubrum byAgarwell diffusionmethod. The preliminary phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, saponins and terpenoids.Marked anti-dermatophyte activitywas observed. M. gypsium and C. keratinophilum were more inhibited by the aqueous extract as compared to methanol extract while the methanol extract was more effective against T. rubrum and C. indicum. The anti-dermatophyte activity of solvent extracts may be due to the presence of various phytoconstituents. Further studies are to be carried to isolate active constituents and reveal the efficacy of extract in vivo.

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