Anthelmintic activity of Acorus calamus L

Author(s): N.Deepa, R.Meenakshi Sundaram, T.Janaki Devi, V.Jayapradha, P.Helan, L.Magimai Upagara Valan

The anthelmintic activity of various extracts (Viz., chloroform, ethyl acetate and 50% aqueous-ethanol) obtained fromthe rhizomes of Acorus calamus L. was studied. All extracts except 50% aqueous-ethanol extract showed significant and dose dependent activity compared to that of the standard drug-Albendazole. Of all the extracts screened for activity against the adult Indian earthworm, chloroformextract demonstrated the best activity. Thus the present study is clearly indicative of the traditional claim and usage of the plant as a prophylactic and also for treatment of various disorders in children of neonatal age.

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