ANN applicability in gas holdup prediction in tapered bubble columns using non-Newtonian pseudo plastic liquids

Author(s): Sumit Kumar Jana, Asit Baran Biswas, Sudip Kumar Das

Applicability ofArtificial Neural Network (ANN) for the prediction of gas holdup in tapered bubble columns using non-Newtonian pseudoplastic liquids have been reported. The experimental data used for this analysis are taken from our earlier publication (Jana S. K., A. B. Biswas and S. K. Das, Gas holdup in tapered bubble column using pseudoplastic non-Newtonian liquids, Korean J..Chem. Engg., 31(4) (2014) 574-481). The ANN with multilayer perceptron (MPL) with one hidden layer and four different transfer functionswith backpropagation algorithmwere used to demonstrate the applicability of ANN in the prediction of gas holdup.

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