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Andrographaloide from Andrographis pannicuolata significantly inhibited the H+ K+-ATPase and increased the PGE2 level in rats

Author(s): Vaibhav Mishra, Haushila Prasad Pandey, Manoj Kumar Barthwal, Gautam Palit, Abbas Ali Mahdi, Santosh Kumar Agarwal, Vijai Lakshmi

Evidences have suggested that andrographolide (AP) attenuates gastric mucosal injury; however its mechanism has not yet been established. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the gastroprotective mechanism of andrographolide isolated from Andrographis paniculata. Andrographolide was evaluated against cold restraint (CRU), aspirin (AS), alcohol (AL) and pyloric ligation (PL) induced gastric ulcer models in rats. Potential anti-ulcer activity of andrographolide was observed against CRU (62.5%),AS (57.81%),AL(72.41%) and PL(60.00%) induced ulcermodels. The standard drug omeprazole (10mg/kg, p.o.) showed 77.40%protection against CRU, 57.08%againstAS and 69.42%against PLmodel. Sucralfate, another standard drug (500 mg/kg, p.o.) showed 62.72%protection inAL induced ulcer model. andrographolide significantly reduced free acidity (50.42%), total acidity (24.43%) and upregulatedmucin secretion by 34.24% respectively. Further, andrographolide inhibited H+ K+-ATPase activity in vitro with IC50 of 71.435 µg/ml respectively as compared to the IC50 value of omeprazole (30.24 µg/ml) confirming their anti-secretory activity. Conclusively, the anti-secretory mechanism of andrographolide mediated apparently through inhibition of H+K+-ATPase with corresponding decrease in plasma gastrin level, which is a novel property in our finding. Andrographolide was found to possess anti-ulcerogenic activity which might be due to its anti-secretory activity and subsequent strengthening of the defensive mechanism.

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