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Analysis of flavonoid diglycosides in leaves of Mentha piperita L by MALDI-MS/MS and LC-MS

Author(s): Ousmane Ilboudo, Igor W.Ouédraogo, Issa Tapsoba, Pascal Gerbaux, Yvonne L.Bonzi-Coulibaly

MALDI-MS/MS and LC-MS analyses were used for the investigation of flavonoid diglycosides in Mentha piperita. With eriocitrin, hesperidin, luteolin 7-o-rutinoside and diosmin identified in the butanolic extract in agreement with literature results, linarin was detected in peppermint for the first time in this work. The unambiguously identification of this compound was based on exact mass measurement, tandemmass spectrometry experiments and retention time data from LC analysis in comparison with its isomer fortunellin. Based on the use of available standards, lowconcentrations (mg g-1) of flavonoid glycosides in the dry butanolic extract are measured: diosmin, 2.2%, hesperidin, 0.5%and linarin, 0.01%.The lowrelative amount of linarin could maybe explain why this compound was hitherto not detected in peppermint.

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