Altitudinal and cultivation variation in fatty acid profile of Perilla frutescens L.

Author(s): Devendra Singh Negi, Ashok Kumar, Mahendra Lal Tamta, Nivedita Shukla, Ranjan Banerji

The seeds of P. frutescens L., collected from different altitudes showed a maximumoil yield (43%) fromGhat Chamoli, while in cultivated samples fromPinder Valley an oil yield of 46%was observed. The fatty acid profile revealedmore than 87%polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) having 74.3% omega-3 fatty acid (ALA) from cultivated seed oil of Dehradun, while in wild samples amaximumof 84.5%PUFAs with 68.8%omega-3 fatty acid. The fatty acid profile revealed octadecatrienoic (omega-3) acid as themajor component of these oils ranging from 65.96-74.29%, maximum being in cultivated seed oil fromDehradun region, therefore, we may conclude that Perilla should be cultivated for the oil vis-à-vis omega-3 fatty acid.

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