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Adsorption of Mg2+ and Pb2+ Ions by Using the Synthetic Modified Tannin: A Kinetic Study

Author(s): Selladurai Arasaretnam

Sulfonated-Tannin phenol Formaldehyde resin obtained from flower buds of Terminalia chebula was used to adsorb Mg2+ and Pb2+ from aqueous solutions under different pH. Their adsorption equilibrium, adsorption kinetics were investigated. This study indicated that pH had effect on the adsorption isotherms. Except for low cation concentrations, for which adsorption was high at initial pH 5.5 for Pb2+ and pH 8.3 for Mg2+. The adsorption kinetics showed hyperbolic dependence of the proportion of cation adsorbed on time and adsorption isotherms were satisfactorily fitted by Freundlich equations, with K and N values showing Pb2+ to be more efficiently adsorbed than Mg2+.

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