Adsorption of Disperse Blue Dye on Iraqi Date Palm Seeds Activated Carbon

Author(s): Ahmed F. Halbus, Zahraa H. Athab and Falah H. Hussein

In this paper, adsorption isotherm and kinetics of disperse blue dye on activated carbon prepared from Iraqi date seeds (Zahdi date seeds ZDS) were determined from batch tests. The effect of different parameters, such as, different doses, pH and contact time were investigated. Equilibrium adsorption data for synthesized activated carbon (ZDSAC) were analyzed by Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm. The equilibrium data were best fitted with Langmuir isotherm model, showing maximum monolayer adsorption capacity of 8.13 mg/g. Kinetic analyzes were tested using pseudo-first order, pseudo-second order and the intraparticle diffusion model. Kinetic studies showed that the adsorption kinetics was more accurately represented by a pseudo-second order model. Among ZDSAC removes 66.47% of disperse blue at the dose of 0.3 g, whereas the commercial activated carbon removes 54.33% of disperses blue.

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