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Addressing Food & Supplements During the Covid-19 Era 2020

Author(s): Deirdre Clark

During the close of 2019 no one would have believed that the virus would have spread worldwide and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. It is now more than ever that the population is becoming health conscious from millennials to baby boomers. People want to live longer healthier lives. It has been proven that our diets have not suppled the adequate nutrients, vitamins and probiotics necessary to keep the population healthy. Desperate changes have been made and I believe this trend will continue moving forward as this scare has caused the world to take pause and evaluate how they will live moving forward. In my practice we have taken a huge step on increasing nutrition consultation via telehealth to address the wild, wild west of supplements and vitamins. It is important that consumers and patient obtain top quality products along with fresh food daily and consultation. Google should not be your source for vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals. They can and do interact with medications. The major take-aways from Corona Virus isolations and lock downs produced the following: â?¢ Vitamin D deficiency â?¢ Cruciferous Vegetable deficiency â?¢ Increased stress â?¢ Lack of movement and exercise â?¢ Exacerbation of chronic conditions â?¢ Increased depression There are many more variables that I could list but these are the major ones that have contributed to weakening the immune systems of many people around the globe. Everyone can start by eating foods rich in antioxidants, green leafy vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and ginger. These simple changes will boost your immune system. We can further advise on the importance of probiotics, plant-based market, weight management and overall prevention. The real pandemics are obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We can do something about this right now. The nutraceuticals market is poised to grow by 180.38 billion dollars during the period of 2020-2024. Dietary supplement sales are up 35% according to IRI data. It is up to the healthcare providers to educate their patients on how to achieve optimal health through education, proper analysis and more education. So they can receive high quality plant food supplements and nutraceuticals. In closing I encourage consumers and patients to reach out to healthcare provider that will provide them with the tools they need to achieve wellness through intervention or prevention.

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