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Acridine Orange Staining For Identifying Viral Infection of Cells In-Vitro and Cellular DNA

Author(s): Ronald B

There has also been an increasing usage of dyes in the medicine sector. In clinical diagnoses, dyes act as a vital ingredient in many of the medical tests conducted on human patients. Most of the abnormalities can be seen in photographs or by automated instrumentation. Acridine orange is also known as Acridine Orange Base, Acridine Orange NO, and Basic Orange 14. Evidence of the efficacy of acridine orange staining is presented here for determination of the presence of single-strand RNA virus HIV within white blood cells and RAJI cells. Prior to the staining protocol the cells are mounted on glass slides and fixed using Carnoy solution. The cells mounted are stained. When examined by dark field ultraviolet microscopy the fluorescence (if any) indicates the presence or lack there-of virus particles. The relative number of cells infected and non-infected with HIV can be estimated. The fluorescence emission is stark and easily observed. Fluorescence emission is sufficiently strong for photographic recording.

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